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ISSRE 2009 Photograph

We had a record turnout, with registration crossing 350. Here is a picture taken on Tuesday where we tried to usher most people to it. But there was a die-hard workshop group that were so engaged in their discussions that they did not want to take the break.. we tried. Nevertheless we got a good number of our participants here.

Opinions from Participants at ISSRE 2009, Mysuru, India

Hear what participants had to say of their experience at ISSRE. Ram Chillarege interviewed a few people at the dinner following the conference. These capture some of the salient takeaways and resonate with our overall goals of where ISSRE is headed as a conference.

Welcome to ISSRE

Why Attend ISSRE?

ISSRE bridges Industry and Academia; 2008 was held at Microsoft, 2009 is at Infosys. See ISSRE 2009 Brochure for a summary.

- Engage with a unique, almost even, mix of industry and academia.
- Learn and critique successful industry practices and methods.
- Expand your skills and competencies through tutorials and workshops.
- Meet experts from your technical area across different industry verticals.
- Join the leading companies who regularly send their top talent to ISSRE.

Program selected from over 200 submissions

Four days of an intensive technical program; the leading international forum for software reliability engineering. An IEEE non-profit conference, further subsidized by Infosys, brings you training and exposure, at an unheard of price.


Industry Papers - 25
Research Papers - 21
Fast Abstracts - 26
Student Papers - 10
Preface: Research


Embeded Software Reliability
Synergy in Process Models
In-Process Measurement
Quality in Requirements


1. Automation for Reliability
2. Model-based Development
3. Testing Vulnerabilities
4. Architecture-Based Analysis
5. Model Based Testing
6. Orthogonal Defect Classification
7. Safety and Assurance Cases
8. Survey of verification tools
9. Industrial Test Methods

Tools Fair

Around 10 software reliability tool vendors are displaying at the conference.


Sam Pitroda, Adviser to Prime Minster - inauguration. Keynotes from Don Williams, Cisco and John Sweitzer, IBM.

ISSRE Supplemental Proceedings

  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions added.

Conference center on right.

The 20th annual International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2009). ISSRE focuses on tools, techniques and practices to assess, predict, and improve software reliability, safety, and security. It attracts the technical leadership from industry and academia from across the world. And this is our first time in India.


Registrants as of Nov 9, 2009


Institutions Participating


ABB Global Ind & Services Ltd
ABB, Inc.
Accenture Technology Labs
Adobe Systems India Pvt Ltd
Aerospace Corporation
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Bharat Electronics Limited
Bluehost Wordpress review
CAT Electronics
CRMIT Solutions Pvt Ltd
Caterpillar Engg Design Centre
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
ChildCare Online Service Pvt Ltd
Cisco Systems
Dravidian University
EMC India
First Indian Corporation
GE Health Care
GE HealthCare
Gas Turbine Research Est