Workshop: ESR-2009

Embedded Software Reliability Workshop

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This workshop will bring together experts, providers, and users of tools and technologies for developing and evolving embedded software systems. The users include makers of home appliances, televisions, telephones, automobiles, aircrafts, and heavy machinery and also the government organizations for space exploration and defense. The providers include software companies and experts from consulting companies, universities and other research organizations working with design and development of tools and methods for achieving higher reliability and greater efficiency.

This will be an excellent opportunity to connect with the community, learn about new tools and successful methods, know the issues and problems the practitioners face, and understand various perspectives and pros and cons of different solutions

Workshop Structure - Half Day

- overview talk (30 minutes),
- 4 to 5 technical paper presentations (60 minutes),
- panel discussion (40 minutes),
- breakout sessions (40 minutes),
- and the concluding remarks (30 minutes).

Participation and Contribution

There are several ways you can participate. Since this is a workshop, there is a dialog that engages every one via discusion and breakouts. In addition you can also choose to present a short talk, server on a panel, or lead a breakout. Contact us by email with your contribution ideas in either of these categories.

Technical Papers

The technical papers should be 3 pages long with 11 point Times Roman Font, with no more than 5 references. We invite papers on enabling technologies, methodologies, tools and case studies of deployment:

  • Tools for design and development automation and collaboration
  • Methodologies for in-process measurements, testing, and defect analysis
  • Case studies to share experiences of deploying tools or methodologies

Panel and Breakout Sessions

We invite you to serve on a panel or lead a breakout session. Interested persons should contact us and send a 1-page position paper on relevant themes such as:

  • Model-based development: applicability, benefits, and pitfalls
  • New technologies on the horizon and their expected impact
  • Current industry practices and expected changes in the next 5 years
  • High priority technical and business issues in industry verticals
  • Migration challenges for adopting new tools and technologies


September 30 – Deadline for Technical or Position Paper Submission

Workshop Organizers

  • Ram Chillarege, Co-Chair (ram AT chillarege DOT com)
  • Suresh Kothari, Co-Chair (kothari AT iastate DOT edu)
  • Jeremias Sauceda (sauceda AT ensoftcorp DOT com)
  • R. Krishnan, Bosch.

Previous ESR Workshops

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ESR 2008, Seattle, WA, USA