Tools Fair

Tool Vendors Displaying

  1. IBM (includes Rational, Appscan for Security & Telelogic for Embedded)
  2. Parasoft (Code Quality, Security, SOA toos)
  3. Quest Software (Database tools)
  4. Serena (Agile Project Management)
  5. Armorize (focused on Application Security)
  6. Collabnet focused on Open Source
  7. Microsoft
  8. ETAS (part of Bosch)

Details of tools at the tools fair - pdf document

The tools fair allows vendors to display their tools and meet participants. We will have a room for the tools fair and vendors will get a table. At this time we do not encourage any major booth to be hauled into the conference center.

We are also considering the possibilities of carving out a small portion of this room so that short presentations can be made by the vendors to small groups of people. This will be informally scheduled by vendors posting their talk schedules on a white board. This eases communication to small groups of people interested in particular aspects of the tools. Please note that these vendor talks are not scheduled in the overall conference agenda.

- Cost to Exhibit: None for the first 15 vendors.
- Vendors must make their own arrangments for stay in Mysuru.
- Staff who also want to attend ISSRE need to register for the conference.
- Vendors who want to sponsor a food break, please contact Pavithra Krishnamurthy
- Tool fair vendors who want to post up to ~500 words on the conference webstite need to contact the organizers.

Tools fair Organizers

  • Naresh Choudhary, Infosys (naresh_choudhary at infosys . com)
  • Pavitra Krishnamurth, Infosys (Pavithra_K05 at infosys . com)
  • Nina Fazio, Motorola (nina . fazio at motorola . com)