Taxi Ride Share

The taxi ride share works this way:

  • We collect your arrival and departure details.
  • Srinivas who runs the taxi ride share service clusters you arrival times and determine the schedule. The figure below illustrates what he does. .
  • There will be a man waiting outside the airport (24 hours from Saturday Nov 14 to Monday Nov 16) who will meet you and dispatch cars. He will try to minimize your wait time.
  • We will also publish the ride-share plan ahead of time. So, you are likely to know whom you will ride with.
  • We expect delays and missed flights - and these will be handled as necessary.
  • You will have a number to call in India, should you find you do not know what to do or you cannot find the ride share dispatch person.

We cannot yet publish the ride share list, since not all of you have bought your tickets or given us you arrival time. We would like to get this done the middle of next week. The figure below is only to illustrate the type of data we get and the planning and optimization that Srinivas does. This is data from a couple weeks ago, and it is only to illustrate to you a little of the back end. We will get back to you with a estimate of which car/ride you will be and who may be your ride-share friends. But do not look at this data - it is only an example.
- ram