ISSRE 2009 Supplemental Proceedings

These are the Supplemental Proceedings of ISSRE 2009, Mysuru India. To reference these proceedings use the url:

Table of Contents

ISSRE Industry Workgroup Meeting Report
Ram Chillarege

Industry Papers

Industry Papers, Preface
Mod Marathe

Session: Analysis

Formal Model Based Methodology for Developing Controllers for Nuclear Applications
Amol Wakankar, Raka Mitra, Anup Bhattacharjee, Shubhangi Shrikhande, Sham Dhodapkar, P. Patil
Static Analysis in Medical Device Firmware and Software Development - Reliability and Productivity
Chao Wang, V. J. Jagannathan, Kevin Tansey, Randy Wells

Session: Defect Data Analysis

Finding Dependencies from Defect History
Rajiv Das, Jacek Czerwonka, Nachiappan Nagappan
Nonlinear trends for several software metrics
Pete Rotella
Reliability: A Software Engineering Perspective
Ajit Shenvi

Session: Testing I

Model Driven Testing with Timed Usage Models in the Automotive Domain
Sebastian Siegl, Reinhard German
The Goals and Challenges of Click Fraud Penetration Testing Systems
David Turner, Carmelo Kintana, Jia-Yu Pan
Challenges and Solutions in Test Automation of Medical Visualization Application
Pattabirama Pandit, Rajesh Arasu, Narayanan AK, Kiran Kumar, Sanjay Gupta
Automated Verification of Enterprise Load Tests
Zhen Ming Jiang, Ahmed Hassan, Gilbert Hamann, Parminder Flora

Session: Reliability Prediction

Software Defect Prediction Via Operating Characteristic Curves
Nazanin Hazrati, Abdessamad Ben Hamza, Yuecel Karabulut, Nolwen Mahe
Applying Software Defect Prediction Model for reliable product quality
Lakshminarayanan Devarajan
Software Reliability Prediction in Philips Healthcare – An Experience
Sujit Chakrabarti, Prashant Kumar

Session: Architecture and Modeling

Design of safety-critical systems with ASCET
Gunter Blache, Srikanthan Krishnan
Architecting for Reliability – Detection and Recovery Mechanisms
Veena Mendiratta, Robert Hanmer
Application of the Architectural Analysis and Design Language (AADL) for Quantitative System Reliability and Availability Modeling
Myron Hecht, Alexander Lam, Derek Pfister, Russell Howes

Session: Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC)

Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC) in Agile Development
Monika Jagia, Seema Meena
Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC) Product Profiling
Ram Chillarege, Troy Settles
ODC Deployment - A Case Study at Caterpillar
Ram Chillarege, Troy Settles, Anita Yadav

Session: Testing II

Introduction of Developer Testing in an Embedded Environment
Lakshmankumar Mukkavilli
Software Fault Injection - Industry Experience
Lakshmankumar Mukkavilli
Visualizing the Results of Field Testing
Brian Chan, Ying Zou, Anand Sinha

Session: Process

Blind Men and the Elephant: Piecing Together Hadoop for Diagnosis ... [Presentation]
Xingao Pan, Priya Narasimhan, Rajeev Gandhi, Soila Kavulya
A sequential model approach to improve software assurance
Michael Gegick, Pete Rotella
Process for improving the quality and reliability of fixes for customer reported defects
Rajarshi Das, Triveni Ramesh

Student Papers

Michel Cukier

Exploring AdaBoosting Algorithm for Combining Software Reliability Models
Haifeng Li, Min Zeng, Minyan Lu
Automated Stress Testing of Windows Mobile GUI Applications
Nizam Abdallah, Sita Ramakrishnan
Method for Reliability Estimation of COTS components based Software Systems
Vivek Goswami, Yashwant Acharya
An Analytical Framework of Survivability Model for VoIP
Vandana Gupta, Dharmaraja Selvamuthu
A Study on Software Reliability Engineering Present Paradigms and its Future Considerations
Deepak Pengoria, Saurabh Kumar
A Rule Set to Detect Interference of Runtime Enforcement Mechanisms
Somayeh Malakuti, Christoph Bockisch, Mehmet Aksit
A comparison of three alternative means for safety critical control
André Hauge
Combining Multiple Learners Induced on Multiple Datasets for Software Effort Prediction
Ekrem Kocaguneli, Ayse Bener, Yigit Kultur
Selection of Fuzzy Logic Mechanism for Qualitative Software Reliability Prediction
Kovur Krishna Mohan
SRS_AODV: Secure Routing Scheme For AODV (Paper not available in the proceedings)
Rym Guibadj, Sara Mehar, Thouraya Bouabaan
Researches on the Multi-ontology based Avionics Electronics Systems Software Requirements Elicitation Method
Xuan Hu, Yichen Wang, Liu Bin, Minyan Lu

Fast Abstracts

Michel Cukier

Minimally Invasive Data Concealment in NTFS
Xiashen Gu, Hengming Zou
Operational Profile-based Test Suite Generation using a Genetic Algorithm
Tomohiko Takagi
Software Reliability Assessment for a Gearbox Controller by Analysis of Operating Experience
Sven Sohnlein, Francesca Saglietti
Estimation of Software Testing Effort: An Intelligent Approach
Praveen Srivastava
Business Rules Separation and Reuse Using MDA, OWL and AspectJ
Jaguaraci Silva, Luciano Barreto
Early Software Reliability Prediction Using ANN for Process Oriented Development at Prototype Level
Kovur Krishna Mohan
Application of Virtual Machine in Embedded Software Simulation Testing (Paper not available in the proceedings)
Yongfeng Yin
Verification of Safety-Critical Software Requirement Based on Petri-Net Model Checking
Ma Ning, Bao Xiaohong, Li Zhen, Haifeng Li
Random Testing with Dynamically Updated Test Profile
Kai-Yuan Cai, Hai Hu, Changhai Jiang, Feng Ye
Comparative study on threat identification techniques for dependability requirements
Christian Raspotnig
Survivability Model for Voice over Internet Protocol using Markov Regenerative Process
Resham Vinayak, Dharmaraja Selvamuthu
A User Friendly Software Reliability Analysis Tool based on Development Process to Iteratively Manage Software Reliability
Myungmuk Kang, Taewan Gu, Jongmoon Baik
A Resource Allocation Framework for the Predictable Continuity of Mission-Critical Network Services
Rajiv Kumar, Krishna Gopal, G.L. Pahuja
Software Testing Technique Based on an Extended Pushdown Automaton for Undo/Redo Functions
Tomohiko Takagi
Control theoretic approach for the Reduction of RTT in a distributed system
Manjunath Iyer, Shyam VasudevRao
Software Assurance Arguments vs. Formal Mathematical Arguments – A Complementary Role
Ibrahim Habli, Zoe Stephenson
Integrating the content security with the QoS in data networks
Manjunath Iyer, Selva Palaniyappan, Narendranath Udupa
Data Network performance modeling and control through prediction feedback
Manjunath Iyer, Shyam VasudevRao
OS Driver Test Effort Reduction via Operational Profiling
Constantin Sarbu, Stefan Winter, Nachiappan Nagappan, Neeraj Suri
Impact of Error Models on OS Robustness Evaluations
Stefan Winter, Constantin Sarbu, Andréas Johansson, Neeraj Suri
A Test Generation Algorithm for 3-Way Software Testing
Soumen Maity
Using software health and quality indicators
Janusz Sosnowski
Constrained Covering Arrays: Resolving invalid level combination constraints
Joseph Morgan
Micro Process Adherence for Delivering Reliable Software
Vibhu Sharma, Vikrant Kaulgud
Effective Unit test Design and Automated Debugging
PVR Murthy
A Study on SFMEA method for UML-based Software
Hong Zhang