Industry Committee

  • Dejan Desovski, Google, USA
  • Sachin Garg, Yahoo! India
  • Yuecel Karabulut, SAP, USA
  • Chandra Kintala, Yahoo! India -> NJIT
  • Mod Marathe, Cisco Systems, USA, Chair Industry Committee
  • Veena Mendiratta, Alcatel-Lucent, USA
  • Brendan Murphy, Microsoft Research, UK
  • Amit Paradkar, IBM, USA
  • Brian Robinson, ABB, USA

The Industry Committee is responsible for the review of industry practice papers, the choice of workshops and tutorials, and building a program that is relevant to Industry. This year, the Industry Committee has extended is reach and resource by actively building an Industry Workgroup.

We formed the Industry Workgroup in Bengaluru, drawing from around 20 software companies. This group met on May 28th, 2009 at Yahoo! on Airport Road, Bengaluru and has issued its report, which can be read under the Industry Workgroup section. The individual items are also posted on our bulletin board at which is open for comment.