Frequently Asked Questions



  • My flight arrives at 1 am. Do I need to wait till the morning for the ride-share?
  • The taxi ride-share service is available 24 hours. The issue is grouping people so we can get three people to fill a car - not when you arrive. Most flights from Europe into Bengaluru arrive in the middle of the night, and also depart in the wee hours of the morning. So that is normal. As registration proceeds we will know and assign the rides.

  • Can I get a private taxi to pick me up instead of the ride share? How much?

    Yes. We can arrange a private taxi to pick you up at the time of your arrival. You do not have to use the ride-share. The one way cost is around $125. To make a request for this, send a note to and include your registration number. This needs to be reserved and paid for by a credit card ahead of time.

  • How do I make arrangement for local sight seeing?
  • We will have a travel desk at the conference. The best way to do this is to hire a car (comes with a driver) for the day. He will take you around and bring you back to the campus. We will list a few day trips.

  • "There was a problem processing your credit card"

    There was a problem with AVS handling of foreign credit cards up until recently. Since 10/14, we believe this problem has been fixed. Denied transactions do not charge your credit card. You may see a hold for a few days, which gets cleared. Regardless, there will not be a charge on your account without a confirmation from RegOnline.

  • I mailed my check to Delhi a few days ago, and have not yet heard from you.

    Our registration desk in Delhi has to manually process the paper or pdf registration forms. And we are backed up a little. Rest assured we will get back to you soon. We just added staff and streamlined the process.